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American Business Women's Association

Eastern Michigan Council


The National Board of Directors is a volunteer board that governs the national bylaws on behalf of the members of the American Business Women’s Association.

The National Board of Directors also serve as trustees for the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (SBMEF).  Aside from fiduciary responsibilities, the Trustees determine the value and the eligibility criteria for each scholarship as well as the selection of the  scholarship recipients.


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Vice President District V

Member of the Women of Magnitude Express Network

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Past National Board Members

Past District V Vice Presidents

2022-2023:  Mary Ceccanese

2021-2022:  Gail Frahm

2019-2021:  Cheryl Blair

2018-2019:  Marilyn Lash

2017-2018:  Marcia Green

2016-2017:  Mary Shindell

2015-2016:  Julie Sullivan

2014-2015:  Sandy Schrah

2013-2014:  Lisa Montross

2012-2013:  Michelle Crone

2011-2012:  Paula Clutter

2010-2011:  Judy Torrey

2009-2010:  Tracy Sweet

2008-2009:  Barbara Young

2007-2008:  Linda Wentz

2006-2007:  Susie Mariutto

2005-2006:  Diane Nixon

2004-2005:  Barbara Milton

2003-2004:  Shirley New

2002-2003:  Shirley Myrick

2001-2002:  Gloria Jennings

2000-2001:  Kim Hamilton

1999-2000:  Brenda Williams

1998-1999:  Elaine Merritt

1997-1998:  Essie Rodgers

1996-1997:  Rita Boyl-Feeley

1995-1996:  Lois Revenaugh

1994-1995:  Marilyn Pedersen

1993-1994:  Nancy Neal

1992-1993:  Karen Hall

1991-1992:  Eunice Gabriel

1990-1991:  Louise Spicer

1989-1990:  Barbara Cermak

1988-1989:  Linda Hixson

1987-1988:  Marj Hiner

1986-1987:  Janice Turnbull

1985-1986:  Judith Cutcher

1984-1985:  Eunice Gabriel

1983-1984:  Beverly Moore

1982-1983:  Marilyn Amendt

1981-1982:  Charlotte Masica

1980-1981:  Fran Mills

1979-1980:  Nancy Bruner

1978-1979:  Jeanette Danielson

1977-1978:  Barbara Kiracofe

1976-1977:  Kathy Bangsund

1975-1976:  Kathleen Wheeler

1974-1975:  Barbara True

1973-1974:  Jean Wombolt

1972-1973:  BK Krenzer (NE)

1971-1972:  Betty Comer (NE)

Past National Officers (EMC Members/Former Members)

2015-2016:  Lisa Montross, National President

2014-2015:  Lisa Montross, National Secretary-Treasurer

2006-2007:  Diane Nixon, National Secretary-Treasurer

2002-2003:  Kim Hamilton, National President

2001-2002:  Kim Hamilton, National Vice President

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